Get tokens with the Earn program from CoinMarketCap. It will pay you to learn!

CoinMarketCap, a popular data aggregator and provider of cryptocurrency market cap ratings and charts, launched a new project called CoinMarketCap Earn. The platform wants to pay users, thus contributing to their education in the cryptocurrency sphere. The goal of the project is to help visitors learn more about cryptocurrency assets. The students are paid in BAND tokens. They have to complete quizzes and watch educational video lessons to deepen your knowledge in cryptocurrencies.
The first asset that is going to be featured on the above-mentioned campaign is the Sequoia-backed Band Protocol.
It has already become a popular trend to incentivize digital asset education. The educational project Coinbase Earn that was launched in June 2019 has become very popular among users.
This is a good opportunity to provide crypto assets education to millions of Internet users and popularize cryptocurrencies in this way. The project contributes to the mass adoption of crypto assets gradually shaping a financial landscape globally and changing it forever. The financial education helps people choose more effective financial instruments using crypto more often in everyday life. They are more inclined to refuse from the services of traditional banks with their high fees and inconvenient terms in favor of innovative digital assets.

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