Generation Z will actively use cryptocurrencies

  • Generation Z will actively use cryptocurrencies.
  • Bitcoin will become an everyday means of payment.
  • Baby boomers are actively investing in cryptocurrencies, fearing the crisis.

This is the opinion of the ex-head of the communications department of US President Donald Trump. In his opinion, 3 out of 5 generation Z representatives will use cryptocurrency in everyday life.

Bitcoin has a brilliant future

Anthony Scaramucci who used to work for the administration of US President recently stated that he is a big fan of Bitcoin. During the interview, ex White House communications chief emphasized that cryptocoin has a brilliant future.

Scaramucci also noted that it is millennials who play a key role in the popularization of crypto money globally. Also, a former White House employee stressed that three out of five representatives of generation Z will use digital money in everyday life, that is, pay for goods and services with crypto coins.

Not only millennials

A stereotype has developed in the crypto community that users of cryptocurrencies are representatives of the younger generation: millennials and generation Z. However, the latest research is the investment company River Financial Inc. show that among the main Bitcoin holders are representatives of the baby boomer generation, that is, people aged 55+.

Instead of traditional investments in real estate, precious metals or bank deposits, more and more older people choose to invest in cryptocurrencies, namely in bitcoin.

River Financial Inc. said they are seeing a surge in cryptocurrency investments after the Fed’s asset acquisition policy was changed. In addition, the increased interest in bitcoin has been boosted by statements from well-known businessmen and investors such as Paul Tudor Jones, who announced that he is a fan of digital assets and is investing in bitcoin.

The company also explains that the decision of the boomers to invest in cryptocurrencies was largely influenced by the crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic. Against the backdrop of falling stock and commodity markets, cryptocurrencies have shown incredible resilience and a quick recovery even after a serious crash.

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