First ICO giving the possibility buyers to ‘use’ tokens is successful and gets $5M

A new way of conducting token sales presented by ConsenSys Codefi got its first success, as planned sale brought more than five million US dollars.

Based on the information from Cointelegraph the Skale token sale has been initially launched on the Activate platform made by ConsenSys.  The task is to  promote  new projects of the interested communities which will make required functions like saving the tokens for network security.

The platform has made the concept of Proof-of-Use for this purpose supposing the tokens usage on the platform and ban of their sale for at least 60 days.

Based on ConsenSys, the sale has brought over $53 million in purchase intent from 4,533 participants. The final number of participants made around 3,736 people while the average spent sum made around $1,330.

The company officials mentioned that the initial task of such sale is to find interested users, while the funds raising is a secondary goal.

Skale Network is an Ethereum (ETH) sidechain the task of which is to make  highly efficient blockchain environment, which is suitable to change cloud hosting providers like Amazon Web Services.  Based on the project authors’ information more than 50 DApps are building on the sidechain.

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