Ethereum Outpaces In Market Bull Race

According to the data provided by Forklog, the spot and future indices of Ethereum outpaces the ones of Bitcoin. For instance, the ratio between Ethereum and Bitcoin changed from 16 per cent in the fall 2019 to 50 per cent the summer 2020. These figures are also confirmed by The Block  and are grounded upon the information received from reliable international ETH and BTC spot markets Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Kraken and Bitstamp. The following chart provided by The Block illustrates the trend exhaustively:

The same future market index has spurred by 21% for the analyzed period. Totally, ETH daily turnover has already reached USD 15,1 billion which is 25% less than the similar BTC indicator. Meanwhile BTC capitalization is 5 times as much as the ETH one.

And one more engaging point. Larry Cermak, the Block analyst in his Twitter account points out the Ethereum has three times less Google searches than it was counted in December, 2017, the peak period of the searches. In comparison, the similar BTC index is even worse: six times less.

The five years Ethereum exists, the total amount of value transferred via its chain has achieved USD 986 billion and still keeps on growing.

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