Ethereum incubator ConsenSys brings its blockchain startups under one roof

The Mesh organization will bring together over 100 different blockchain startups that are part of the ConsenSys portfolio. This is how Lubin’s company wants to put the asset management activities apart from software development.

Blockchain company ConsenSys, owned by Joseph Lubin, who is also Ethereum co-founder, has unveiled a new organization called Mesh. The enterprise is part of ConsenSys’s effort to decouple management and software development, Lubin said.

The Mesh brand will bring together the disparate teams making up the ConsenSys portfolio. The company said that over 100 blockchain startups are going to operate under the auspices of the organization, whose activities are aimed at developing the Ethereum ecosystem and other DeFi protocols.

“Mesh is a network of developers, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and communities who are working to promote Ethereum and other decentralized protocols,” the company writes.

Lubin also said that Mesh will work in areas of heightened interest. These areas include the transition to Ethereum 2.0, gas consumption optimization and scalable solutions, risk management, as well as collaboration with other blockchain networks.

The Ethereum community is in full swing preparing for the transition to ETH 2.0. In early August, the developers launched the Medalla testnet, which they called the “final” at the time. Medalla allowed the project team to carry out the necessary tests prior to launching phase zero on the main network.

In mid-September, the developers announced their decision to launch another testnet – Spadina. The network, which was launched today, will run for three days. Spadina will allow testing the functionality related to user deposits. According to experts, this approach opened up the opportunity for them to hold a “dress rehearsal” for the launch of ETH 2.0, without disrupting the dynamics of Medalla.

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