Ethereum devs late discussions of gas optimizations

Developers are aware of the problem but can’t solve it for the moment

During a recent Ethereum All Core Devs  the developers have discussed various Ethereum Improvement Proposals including gas fees on the network which still remain huge

At this meeting they discussed high gas prices and ways to minimize the consequences of such prices growth. Alexey Akhunov, an independent Ethereum researcher, mentioned the existence of gas tokens and how they can cause the prices growth.

He has pointed the attention on how the mempool is often overwhelmed with transactions bidding a certain gas price to mint these tokens. Such way of doing has been compared with the order of book exchanges where traders fish for dips with low price orders. Though the impossibility of easy cancel of gas bidding orders could suppose one thing the prices are grown artificially as any dip is bought by default.

Commenting on the offer to eliminate the refund mechanism that underpins the gas tokens was floated around, Akhunov mentioned that the magnitude of gas token minting can only make approximately 2% of current gas usage.

The remaining topics were less up-to-date from gas price discussion point of view. One of them included a recently introduced EIP championed by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and core developer Martin Swende.

For the time being, the Ethereum fee market depends solely on the surging demand.

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