Ethereum Classic Chain Developers Inform About Failure

The developers responsible for workability of Ethereum chain have reported about the failure the chain faced on the 1st of August. The precise reason has not been identified so far, though, some experts suppose that it might happen because of Ethereum division into two chains. This activity might have caused its instable operation of the whole system. The developers have confirmed that they have been investigating the roots of the failure and recommended the market actors temporarily avoid making any transactions with Ethereum.

It is worth mentioning that the official representatives informed that Ethereum Classic blockchain was re-structured on block 10904146 with depth 3693. Presumably, the malfunction might be rooted in attack 51%.

James Woe, the leading ETC developer encouraged the users via his Twitter account to stay calm assuring that the problem will certainly be solved.

The developers also confirmed later that miner-violator obtained for about 3.000 blocks, but no tracks of intentional attack were detected.

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