Ethereum 2.0 launch could happen ahead of schedule

Ethereum 2.0 launch could happen earlier than expected. Developer Evan Van Ness left such a message in the official Ethereum channel on the Blockfolio service.

According to him, “the bill goes for weeks, not months.” To the post, Ness added a link to the Ethereum Foundation’s message about the launch of the Spadina testnet on September 29. The network, with a three-day life cycle, will operate in parallel with the current Medalla.

If the final stage of testing passes without serious problems, then the next step will be the zero phase of Ethereum 2.0. Previously, the developers assumed that this would happen in November.

As a reminder, Medalla’s final testnet was launched on August 4. After 10 days, the network crashed, but Prysmatic Labs developer Raoul Jordan ruled out changing the timing of the phase zero launch.

In September, developer Lior Yaffe discovered a potential vulnerability on the Ethereum 2.0 testnet. It is associated with the minimum requirement for the participation of nodes in the network.

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