Ethereum 2.0 dress rehearsal failed

The project developers are planning to work on the bugs and organize another rehearsal.

The launch of the Spadina testnet, in preparation for Ethereum’s transition to version 2.0, did not go according to plan. The reason was the lack of validators and technical problems. Information about the problems appeared in the microblogging of one of the Ethereum developers, Danny Ryan.

Problems with Spadina became the reason for organizing a new “dress rehearsal”, in preparation for which the project representatives will be able to eliminate the identified shortcomings. For this, the developers intend to launch another test network – Zinken. Work is scheduled to begin next week.

Information about Zinken from Danny Ryan’s microblog


The launch of Spadina was required by the Ethereum team to conduct a launch rehearsal for the transition of the project to version 2.0. The testnet was launched on September 29. The developers activated Spadina while another testnet, Medalla, was running. The launch of the latter took place in early August 2020. The project representatives explained the need for Spadina by their unwillingness to disrupt the dynamics of Medalla’s work.

Recall that as part of the transition to version 2.0, Ethereum will change the mechanism for reaching consensus from energy-consuming PoW to more environmentally friendly PoS. Due to various problems, the launch date of the project was repeatedly postponed.

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