Elon Musk lost $16.5 billion in a day

Due to the fall in Tesla shares, the head of the company, Elon Musk, lost $ 16.5 billion in a day. In the ranking of the richest people in the world according to Bloomberg, the entrepreneur took sixth place. According to the newspaper, his fortune is $82.2 billion. At the same time, in the Forbes ranking, he fell to eighth place from $71.4 billion.

According to Forbes, Musk was in the five richest people in the world for just under a month. Tesla shares fell sharply 21% yesterday at $320.21. This happened against the background of the fact that the S&P Dow Jones Indices 5 Committee, without explanation, decided not to include Tesla shares in the S&P 500. The decision was made despite the fact that Tesla met all the conditions for getting into the index.

Tesla planned to get into the S&P 500 index thanks to good reporting. In July, the company reported earnings for the fourth straight quarter. Tesla’s board of directors approved a 5-to-1 split in August to make it more accessible to employees and investors.

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