Developpers offer the ways of Ethereum classic network protection from possible attacks

The network soon will encounter significant changes

Ethereum Classic (ETC) accelerator Ethereum Classic Labs have informed about the plan to secure blockchain from possible attacks in future.

Recently this company proposed making immediate steps related to the introduction of long term changes to network structure within next three six months. The accelerator aims focusing its tries on perfection of the network safety after previous attacks on the blockchain.

Urgent actions offered by Ethereum Classic Labs comprise a “defensive mining” cooperation with mining pools and miners for the saving of permanent to maintain hashrate and having the possibility of its increase in case of necessity. Moreover bigger hashrate will make 51% attack useless from the point of being too much expensive.

Moreover Ethereum Classic Labs plans launching enhanced network control for the detection of the errors influencing the Ethereum Classic blockchain and errors in hash rate. Other short term measures include  the crypto exchanges on whitelisting addresses and installing safe transaction confirmation times and launching a finality arbitration system

The long-term solutions supposes  the enhanced 51% resistance with a hard fork, making “checkpoints” impeding re-organization process and altering to a new proof-of-work mining algorithm. Moreover, the accelerator supposes making treasury system, if it will be approved by the community.

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