DeFi Service Aave Launches Decentralized Control System On The Mainnet

The Aave DeFi Landing Protocol launched a project management system on the mainnet via community voting. The first improvement proposal (AIP) was the transition to a new management token.

Previously, management was carried out in the Kovan and Ropsten testnets. LEND token holders could participate in mock surveys.

One of them was about the migration to the new AAVE governance token. The proposal received the majority of votes.

On September 25, the official five-day AIP1 vote on the mainnet began.

If the proposal gets community approval, then AAVE holders will be able to place tokens in the security module and receive rewards for participating in the protection of the protocol.

Later, the possibility of placing AAVE for staking with income in BAL tokens on the Balancer protocol is expected. The amount of remuneration will be determined through the management system.

Recall that in July, Aave raised $ 3 million as a result of the sale of LEND tokens to Framework Ventures and Three Arrows Capital funds.

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