DeFi project LV Finance turned out to be an exit scam

The organizers of the DeFi project LV Finance faked the results of audits in order to steal investors’ money, according to the analytical company SlowMist.

The creators of LV Finance described their project as a “community-owned DeFi ecosystem” based on the Ethereum blockchain.

In the near future they promised to launch genesis-farming. On September 19, a Twitter user stated that he could not withdraw funds from the LV Finance pools. He turned to the project’s Telegram channel, but the user was blocked.

According to SlowMist, after a brief fundraiser, the organizers of the project disappeared. The LV Finance website is currently unavailable, social media accounts have been deleted.

Earlier, the exit scam was suspected of a DeFi project EMD based on EOS. According to some reports, 780 thousand USDT, 490 thousand EOS and 56 thousand DFS were withdrawn from the “emeraldmine1” contract.

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