Cryptoexchange Diginex Listed on NASDAQ

Diginex became the first cryptocurrency exchange to be listed on the NASDAQ US stock exchange. The stock began trading under the ticker EQOS.

Diginex merged with specialized mergers and acquisitions (SPAC) 8i to enter the stock market, CoinDesk reports. As a result of raising capital from private investors and the sale of SPAC shares, the company ended up with $ 50 million, which will be used to strengthen its balance sheet assets and invest in its own business.

Diginex CEO Richard Byworth expects both retail and institutional investors to take an interest in the company’s shares. He also expects that over time, most of the EQOS stock will be concentrated in the hands of US citizens.

Earlier, Byworth suggested that more and more crypto companies would enter the stock markets. According to him, this will increase confidence in the industry.

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