Crypto exchange BitMEX officially launched a mobile application

Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX has officially launched a mobile application, which is now available to users in 140 countries. The developers promise to expand the list of jurisdictions in which their product operates.
The application, which was released after several months of pilot testing, provides access to all the main functions of the exchange.
The team of developers tried to implement the same security measures that are used in the web version of the platform. Moreover, biometric identification can now be used to access the trading platform.
The app focused on security and advanced user identification and this echoes BitMEX’s recent initiative to introduce mandatory verification for its customers. The latter must be verified within a six-month period, which began on 28 August. Otherwise, they will be prohibited from using the trading platform.
App users can trade, withdraw and deposit funds through the app, but also set up push notifications for automatic deletions and liquidations. However, not all functions available on the web platform were implemented in the application. According to Ben Radcliffe, Commercial Director of HDR Global Trading Limited (BitMEX operator) the developers prioritized “the most useful things,” such as different types of contracts and orders.

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