Covid-19 vaccine will be registred on August, 12. How will BTC act

The assistant health care Minister of Russian Federation Oleg Gridnev has told who will  first get COVID 19 vaccine. Goldman Sachs warned that the appearance of such vaccine will cause      chaos. The cryptocurrency holders will not manage to avoid this situation as well.

According to the information of assistant Health care Minister Oleg GridnevThe registration of COVID 19 vaccine developed in Russia will take place on August 12. He has mentioned that now the medicine is under last third stage of testing. Medical personnel and retired people will be the first one who gets vaccinated. In March this year the spreading of В марте распространение COVID-19 has caused the drop down at stock exchange, crypto and raw materials markets so the appearance of such medicines can positively influence the assets price.

COVID-19 has significantly influenced financial markets. In February-March of this year S&P 500 index has dropped from 3400 to 2200 points, while BTC price dropped down from $10 500 and $3800, and in April the price of oil has dropped to negative indexes.

Some assets have moved from crisis as winners. For example the exchange rates of gold have updated its historical maximum in 2011 amounting to 1940 USD. Now the precious metal is more than $2050. The price of such technological giants as Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc. has settled new records. BTC had been marked as well having updated annual maximum till the level of 12 100USD.
But the situation can drastically change warned the representatives of the Goldman Sachs. Experts think that COVID19 efficient vaccine can cause market volatility and investors will start selling the bonds and shares of technological companies for the sake of purchase the price changes of which bears the cyclic character.

In case if the vaccine is approved BTC price is sure to go up together with stock exchange market, the CEO of EXMO Sergey Zhdanov thinks. He explained that the price of cryptocurrency depends on positive news for the economy. Besides this the situation uncertainty always negatively reflects the greed and fear index and it influences in its turn the BTC exchange rate. Here plays the role both the appearance of medicine and the development of the industry itself together with its approval by the society.
Zhdanov thins that BTC exchange rate depends on the great amount of factors. For example if the pay attention to new records on the amount of BTC and ETH addresses having at least 10USD on the balance we understand that cryptocurrency encounters new development stage and possible growth of price.

Vladislav Antonov the analyst of Alpari center has the similar position. He assumes that after the creation of successful vaccine and restoring of world economy, Bitcoin and gold will be secured asset from inflation. But it is important to avoid stock exchange drop down to support cryptocurrency exchange rate. Boyarintsev offered to pay attention to the shares of the companies, which have seriously suffered from crisis such as tourism, air transport, retail etc. Now, the prices of such shares are 2-3 times cheaper than before but it is important to take into account the risk of bankruptcy due to long delay because of pandemic.

Besides this cryptocurrencies have some doubtful characteristics such as exchange rate volatility and risk of manipulation on the behalf of large scale players. The price of BTC can drop any time so it is recommended to invest the sums you are not afraid to lose.

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