COVID-19 made trobles to retail investors but reinforced BTC whales

Based on the results of new research from OKEx Insights and Catallact, фfter the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, retail and institutional Bitcoin investors started using very different approaches.

The research, which monitored on-chain BTC transaction data from January to the beginning of August 2020, confirmed that retail investors preferred to wait and check further BTC behavior. While, institutional investors do all their best to accumulate BTC. The report does not include the transactions during the prices drop in August and September.

Retail transactions, making one tenth of the general amount represent the bulk of BTC movement. The report shows that these investors are prone to be more easily “‘shaken out’ of the market during prices high fluctuations.

The number of daily small BTC transactions decreased and took a wait-and-see approach once the price of BTC hit $10,000 in May. Taken from: Catallact

The research results confirm that retail transactions “dropped and do not correspond to the price’s trend. This makes to suggest that retail investors took long term waiting approach related to BTC

Medium transactions, done by miners and larger retail players confirm greater cautiousness during COVID-19 pandemic times. But such behavior had been apparent only till June.

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