Coinbase Pro will no longer cover withdrawal fees

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Pro will shift fees for withdrawing assets from its platform to users. Previously, the company covered related costs on its own.

The recent resumption of activity in the cryptocurrency market has led to an increase in fees across different blockchains.

So, in the Ethereum network over the past weeks, the price of gas has constantly exceeded 100 gwei, and yesterday jumped to 700 gwei against the background of the distribution of tokens on the Uniswap exchange.

As a result, Ethereum miners managed to earn almost $ 1 million on commissions in one hour. Coinbase writes, “Historically, Coinbase Pro has covered these fees for the benefit of customers. However, as cryptocurrencies become more widespread in applications such as DeFi and payments, the load on the networks has increased”.

Cryptocurrency transfers between verified Coinbase accounts still do not require any fees.

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