Coinbase founder criticizes Apple for the bad attitude to the crypto community

Coinbase and Apple cant find a common language for some reason though many months have passed after the trading platform announced its decision to remove its app from the AppStore.
Brian Armstrong, who is a cofounder taking the position of Coinbase CEO, told his followers in a twit about the actions of Apple towards the platform and crypto community in general. Apple still blocks some functionalities that were developed for digital assets. It does not let people working in the crypto industry earn without problems.

The problem was discussed already in December when Coinbase users received warning telling that the mobile app would be removed from the Appstore as it fails to meet the policies of the AppStore. Its worth mentioning that Googles Android app was also going to remove dApps from its network then.
There is one more detail that should not be skipped. Currently, the company Apple is under criticism due to unfair terms provided to developers and publishers. The company was criticized by many wellknown figures and mass media the New York Times, Epic Games, and others.

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