Chukwuemeka Ezike to trade with Chinese exporting companies using Bitcoin

He explains his choice by the fact that Bitcoin based trading is faster than old-fashioned way of currency exchange. He does it through WeChat, where somebody named “Allen” exchanges his Bitcoin to renminbi (the national currency of China). This way he continues the business that his father has founded 30 years ago.

He’s one of several Nigerians using Bitcoin for family business and further business development across the world. Ezike even helps other Nigerian companies make similar cross-border transactions with Bitcoin.

As Bitcoin is not limited to borders and currencies, it is very useful for global trading. But since it is a new way of money transferring, many businesses are not used to it, therefore trust-building takes time. There are also many companies that started trading with Bitcoin, but don’t publicize it for the same reasons.

Anyway, the world is moving towards Bitcoin and every year more and more companies start trading with Bitcoin and enjoy stress free trading.

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