China to use a sharing economy to develop a National Blockchain Network

The representatives of the initiative will be assisted in this by the specialists of the share-economy-oriented startup ShareRing.

ShareRing, a blockchain startup focused on creating solutions for the sharing economy (sharing economy), has joined the China National Blockchain Network (BSN). Information about this appeared in the blog of the project.

ShareRing will join other startups and companies that BSN has partnered with. The list includes Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, China Mobile EOS, Tezos, and Ethereum. It is noteworthy that the co-founder of the latter, Vitalik Buterin, does not consider BSN a competitor to his project.

BSN partners. Data: ShareRing Blog

According to the ShareRing blog, with the addition to BSN, the startup, along with other partners, will address issues of global adaptation of blockchain technology.

CEO of Sharing Tim Bos also expressed his excitement:

ShareRing representatives, in turn, noted that the startup team shares the vision of the blockchain technology market problems that BSN members are struggling with. Experts believe that the current need to remove “costly barriers to blockchain technology and its benefits for enterprises and individuals, regardless of their size, resources or industry experience.”

ShareRing’s entry into BSN will open up a larger audience for the startup. Users of the national blockchain network of China, in turn, will be able to simplify the integration of the company’s developments, including those created by dApps specialists, into their projects through the blockchain startup (ShareLedger). In particular, BSN users will be able to create their own decentralized applications based on ShareLedger.

Recently it became known that China is using stablecoins for settlements in the national blockchain network.

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