China found a way to make dApps development 90% cheaper

Red Date Technology specialists helped to solve the problem.

Beijing-based startup Red Date Technology, backed by the Chinese government, has tackled the problem of blockchain interoperability. The company’s goal is to unify individual chains by providing market participants with access to universal solutions.

The company is a one-stop developers hub, where specialists create decentralized applications (dApps) for various tasks: from the organization of money transfers to tracking drug supplies.

According to media reports, the company is a crypto-analog of cloud services Amazon and Microsoft Azure. It is known that Red Date is part of the PRC Blockchain Alliance. In particular, the organization’s specialists work over the development of the Chinese national blockchain network known as BSN, which was launched in April 2020.

The Chief Executive Officer of Red Date considers that the cost of services plays an important role.
He says that the Internet acquired its huge popularity when the creation of websites became affordable. It’s an excellent way to popularize services. BSN tools and data storage services of the project can reduce the cost of creating and launching decentralized applications by 90%.

Red Date experts believe that providing market participants with tools for blockchain interaction can become the basis for the promotion of this technology.
Currently, Red Date supports six open blockchains. It is expected that their number will increase to 100 within a year.

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