China-backed BSN blockchain company developed an international resource for devs

BSN (Blockchain-based Service Network) that started work in April of this year launched the international site on English aimed at dApps developers. This event is just one of the points on the way to global expansion in the blockchain industry that China has planned in connection with US sanction policy.
With the launch of the platform, numerous tech experts throughout the world specializing in development get the opportunity to build decentralized apps and run nodes on one of the blockchains via the international version developed for them by the company.
At present, the network presents 6 public chains such as EOS, Ethereum, Cosmos’ IrisNet, NEO, Tezos, and Nervo, but this is just a beginning as China plans the integration of more than 3 dozen public networks by the summer of the next year and doesn’t want to stop on it.
One can find FISCO-BCOS and Hyperledger Fabric in the list of the closed blockchain networks that received their patents from Tencent’s WeBank.
It’s not that easy to find a crosschain infrastructure network of this kind so that the devs could employ its services for various blockchains using the same environment. However, BSN cared about this, creating standardized developmental tools that are more affordable in comparison with the ones offered by traditional cloud services.
The developers will be able to concentrate on their products without worrying about various technical aspects of the activity as the network alleviates certain processes for them.

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