CEO of Ripple criticizes Financial Times for moving away from payments

Ripple CEO criticizes the creator of Financial Times for moving away from wholesale cross-border payments.

As Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple CEO, says Ripple had no plans to reset its strategy and banks all over the world were using XRP token for international payment.

Earlier, FT Reported about the more diversified bank-related strategy of Ripple to become the Amazon of the cryptocurrency world.

Ripple initially aimed to implement its blockchain interbank settlement layer, which makes cross-border transactions cheaper and faster than traditional wire transfers. Clients can optionally convert fiat currencies into XRP.

Also the biggest partner of FR, the Spanish bank Santander, refused using XRP for its international payments, as it was not sufficiently traded in some of its markets.

But the FT said its biggest partner, the Spanish bank Santander, recently decided against using XRP for its cross-border solution, supposedly because it wasn’t sufficiently traded in some of its key markets.

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