Bulgarian startup pays Bitcoin to travelers when flight is delayed

It can be stressful to travel especially if something unexpected happens. People feel anxiety before the flight and their condition deteriorates when flights are delayed. However, compensations provided by a new Bulgarian startup for any flight delay can considerably improve your condition. It doesn’t let you focus on negative emotions and makes you feel that you can at least make some money on it. The app promises to compensate for flight delays to its users under certain conditions.
Though according to the law, it’s possible to get the compensation for 3 hour flight delays in Europe that promises consumers from €250 to €600, the app offers payouts even when the delay is one hour.
The app Colibra presents the functionality that gives users the possibility to add data about the flight 20 minutes prior to it. It presupposes that the person doesn’t know anything about the delay at this time. The users are allowed to define the time of delay on their own. The length of delay affects the payout. It is bigger when the traveler has to wait longer. But using the app and establishing the time of delay, the person simultaneously refuses from higher compensation you could have got the delay is longer. Though startup has been working since 2019, now you can get payment in crypto.
So this is like a lottery. You never know if you guess it right. The company says that using the system the passengers get payouts more often but the amount is not high. At this, the users waive their rights to larger compensations provided by the air flight companies for 3-hour delays.
Colibra pays from 20 to 110 euros as a rule. The company gives its own money to compensate consumers before it gets funds from the air flight company and charges a 20% fee for it.

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