BTC ad on the first page of Hong Kong newspaper

Does Bitcoin deserve a full-page ad? Undoubtedly, it does regardless of the circumstances. But the circumstances are also worth mentioning. Hong-Kong newspaper placed the add on its front page with the call to abandon banks in favor of Bitcoin. It was just a praise to Bitcoin without specifying some company. The ad more resembled the education content about Bitcoin save for one thing: the revolutionary-like invocation addressed to people, banks and the whole society – not some definite banks, in particular, but the whole banking system and the current condition of the society relying on banks the way they are nowadays. The main statement is in English and it says that Bitcoin will never ditch you. Then goes the name of BTC founder Satoshi Nakamoto and the statement addressed to the banks: “Banks, you’re not ditching me today — I’m ditching you.”

Here are some noteworthy facts about this situation:

  • The newspaper is one of the biggest local print media.
  • Its popularity has grown after the arrest of its CEO 2 weeks ago. Its founder, the billionaire Jimmy Lai was charged with violation of National Security Law that raises much controversy in the society.

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