Blockchain startup Xage Security will help US Space Force to protect data

The organization is going to use the blockchain solutions developed by the startup.

Blockchain startup Xage Security will develop a data security system for the US Space Force (USSF) and the US Air Force Research Laboratory. The parties signed a contract. Information about this appeared in a press release from the company.

According to representatives of the startup, the specialists plan to build a security system based on their own blockchain tool – Xage Security Fabric. It provides customers with a range of capabilities, including the following:

  • Organization of system protection with the ability to disconnect access points. The solution allows you to prevent the risks of erasing information by hackers.
  • Providing access to information about system users and their level of authority.
  • Ensuring the safe operation of satellites even in conditions of the lack of connection with the Earth.

Also, a new system will provide secure data transmission to operational units. When completed, the development will allow the representatives of the USSF and the research laboratory to organize effective end-to-end information protection.

Duncan Greatwood commented on the partnership with the USSF and the US Air Force:

It is noteworthy that the contract with the USSF and the US Air Force was not the first for Xage Security. The parties have already cooperated earlier. The first partnership agreement between the organizations was signed in 2019. Xage Security’s developments are helping the USSF and the United States Air Force solve communication problems in space programs.

Xage Security isn’t the only blockchain startup that the American Air Force has partnered with. Earlier, the BBC USA commissioned SIMBA to develop a logistics blockchain system for its own needs.

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