Bitcoin surpasses the shares of leading US companies on TradingView

Bitcoin surpassed the shares of leading US companies in popularity, behind only Telsa. This is evidenced by the data of the financial analytical portal TradingView.

Tesla quotes became the most watched in 31 states for July. Bitcoin has proven to be the most popular in California, Washington, and Oregon. Boeing took the third place in views.

Tesla shares are up more than 283% since the beginning of the year, while Bitcoin is up 60%.

Apple, which has gained 53% since the beginning of the year, has failed to take the lead in any state. TradingView notes that the interest of traders and investors in the company is very low.

The role of bitcoin as a more reliable alternative to traditional financial instruments has been noted by many experts.

The founder of the venture capital firm Social Capital, Chamat Palihapitiya, called BTC insurance against the fall of the global economy, and Nasdaq- listed firm MicroStrategy transferred $250 million to bitcoin.

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