Bitcoin price reached $12,000 and 95% of investors earned more than expected

Almost all users who store cryptocurrency in their wallets have purchased it for less than the current price and can take profit from it. Ethereum investors are in worse position, holders of two popular coins probably regretted their choice.

The BTC rate reached $12,000 and it has increased the number of investors who store cryptocurrency in over-the-counter wallets and can sell it, fixing a profit. Now the share of such users is 95%. All those who remained were buying BTC in the range from the current price to $20,000.

The situation of Ethereum holders is a little worse. The altcoin price increased above $440. At the same time, the share of investors who can sell the coin and make a profit has reached 77%. 1.8% of users bought cryptocurrency and transferred it to their wallet at approximately current rate, the remaining 20.2% are those,who bought it at more expensive price.

The correlation index of Ethereum and Bitcoin quotes reached 0.96. This means that the ETH rate almost always repeats the changes in the BTC price. The concentration index, which shows how many coins are in the hands of large investors, is 40%.

Chainlink (Link) token holders have one of the best positions on the market. Approximately 90% of long-term investors could have taken profits back in early July, when the coin rate renewed its all-time high at $5. Since then, the cryptocurrency has risen in price by 240%, to $17.2, at the moment the quotes rose above $18. 94% of users bought the coin at the current price, the remaining 3% bought it at a higher price or can sell it at breakeven.

The index value of the correlation between the Link and Bitcoin quotes is at around 0.6, the dependence of the token on the main digital coin is low. Although 81% of the altcoin emission belongs to large players.

Holders of Litecoin and Ethereum Classic earned less than others. In the first case, only 43% of investors can take profits by selling altcoin at the current rate of $57, 49% suffer losses. In the second, 39% of users purchased the asset cheaper than the current price of $6.9, 60% bought it at a higher price. The value of the correlation index with BTC for both assets is above 0.92. Almost half of the LTC emission is stored in the wallets of large players, for ETC this figure is even higher – 73%.

In early August, the Ethereum rate climbed to $415. Analytical service Glassnode reported that at that time the share of investors who can take profit reached 90%. The previous time this figure was at the same level was in February 2018, before the price of ETH began to decline from $900 to $100.

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