Bitcoin price fell to $10,700

On Tuesday, September 29, the price of bitcoin falls.

At 09:50 GMT, the first cryptocurrency is trading at $10,702.9 (-1.71%), according to CoinMarketCap.

BTC/USD chart of Bitstamp by TradingView Ether fell to $353.55 (-1.46%).

XRP fell 0.82% to hit $0.242. The FxPro team of analysts notes: “Bitcoin lost 2% in a day and is trading at about $10,700. It is also worth noting that the decline began with an increase in trading volume by 23% to $58 billion. Despite another unsuccessful attempt for bitcoin to go up, co-founder and CEO of Skew Emmanuel Goh said that the cryptocurrency is now less volatile than Tesla stock, although it is generally believed that you can hardly find an asset with a more volatile price on the market. Bitcoin has lost about 7% since the beginning of the month, while Tesla shares have lost 15% over the same period”.

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