Bitcoin Keeps On Its Bullish Race; ETH Rates Catch Up.

This Wednesday Bitcoin broke USD 11.800 level. Thus, BTC has continued its recovery after the last Sunday . Market pundits like Jean-Baptiste Pavageau and Henrik Kueglberg assume that this trend is most likely to be the sustainable one for a short period at least. It is higher than ten and fifty day averages.

The similar trends are typical for Ether, the second most noticeable cryptocurrency in the world. ETH options demonstrate its best indices. Currently, they have reached the amount of USD 400 million. Their level is 2.5 times higher as much the level ETH had reached several weeks ago. The option markets are anticipating its further increase in Ether future contracts.

The optimistic trends are actual for other markets. For instance, BTCH, DASH and NEM show increase by 7%-12%.

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