Bitcoin investor, who held BTC for two years, sold it for $12,000

An investor who held a huge amount of BTC took profit after two years of holding Bitcoin.

He held BTC for about 22 months. During this time, Bitcoin managed to fall below $4000 twice – in January 2019 and in March 2020. The investor waited out these periods of decline and sold his assets at $12,000.

The community of traders at the moment cannot come to a consensus on the future fate of BTC. Michael van de Popp, a trader at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, told Cointelegraph:

If we keep the $11,450 – $11,500 mark, then there is every chance to gain a foothold above $12,000 in the coming weeks. Otherwise, the price will drop to $10,700 or even $10,000.

However, most of them agree that if the cue ball enters the consolidation phase, it will see significant growth in the long term.

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