Bitcoin holders launched the fundraising campaign to help people who suffered from Beirut explosion

Bitcoiners started raising funds to help those who suffered from the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon on 4 August 2020. This is especially acute at the moment taking into account that the banking system of the country is in critical condition.
The ex-pats from Lebanon informed Instagram users about the campaign launch to gather funds via the cryptocurrency platforms in order to bypass the Lebanese corrupted financial system.
The initiative requires the use of manual liquidity with the assistance of OTC local traders for the financing of such organizations as Beit el Baraka and Baytna Baytak, which work now with people affected by the deadly blast. They mainly help them to find shelter and food.
One of the persons who backed the initiative is a professor and author Saifedean Ammous who currently lives in Palestine. He managed to raise several thousand dollars for the Lebanese Red Cross and Beit al Baraka.
Bitcoin holders from the organization Kilna Ya3ne Kilna also applied their efforts to contribute to fundraising. They help to deliver food and hygiene items for the Lebanese families in need.

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