Bitcoin hashrate at its maximum. Investors expect growth

The most capitalized cryptocurrency has updated its maximum hash rate.

All cryptocurrencies from the top 10 of the CoinMarketCap capitalization rating, with the exception of the stablecoin Tether, started the new work week with a fall. Bitcoin is trading at $ 10,331. During the day, the cryptocurrency lost 1.79% of its value. Chainlink (-6.94%), Litecoin (-6.26%) and Ethereum (-6.24%) became cheaper than other digital assets within 24 hours.

Data: CoinMarketCap

It is noteworthy that hashrate of the cryptocurrency has updated its absolute maximum against the background of a decrease in bitcoin value.
Recall that the previously popular trader and TV presenter Max Kaiser presented a theory according to which the BTC rate goes up against the background of the positive movement of the indicator. The experts determined the price of bitcoin begins to rise in 47% of the hashrate updates.


Meanwhile, The Capriole Fund analyst Charles Edwards organized a poll on his microblog. The topic was the forecast of the next target for the BTC rate. As of this writing, the majority of respondents voted for the $ 11,300 option.

A popular trader in the crypto community, blogging under the nickname Crypto Michaël, drew attention to the technical analysis of the bitcoin chart. He believes that the current quotes still allow us to assert that BTC is in a growth phase (against the background of the March lows). According to the trader, the resistance levels that are critical for further positive movement are at a height of $ 11,600 – $ 12,000.

Another popular trader, DonAlt, in turn, also analyzed the position of bitcoin. He believes that at the moment bitcoin has found support at a height of $ 10,200. In case of a level breakout, in his opinion, new lows await BTC. DonAlt has designated $ 10,450 as the current resistance level.

A well-known trader who blogs under the nickname The Wolf Of All Streets believes that the current decline is not a reason to close long positions in bitcoin.

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