Anti-COVID blockchain app is obligatory for travelers visiting the tourist hotspot in Korea

The Korean tourism industry, virtually idle due to the COVID-19 epidemic, is using the forced pause to renew itself. The tourism industry is an important part of the economy so new apps are designed to contribute to its development.
The current downtime has given the tourist industry an opportunity to analyze the situation in order to take measures to renew the industry and increase its security. The pandemic has done a lot of damage already therefore Korean tourist companies want to be ready for new problems that can occur.
Such a popular tourist destination in South Korea as Jeju island attracts more than 15 mln people a year. This is an island located in the south of the country. Now it’s necessary to use DID blockchain technology providing secure COVID19 contact tracing.
A new system was introduced after the Jeju Province concluded the agreement with the ICONLOOP, South Korean blockchain company. Now all tourists who come to visit the island will have to download a mobile app called Zzeung for verification of their identity. The procedure employs a Korean telecom service for this.

Korea’s Financial Services Commission called the product innovative. It is assumed that the blockchain mobile app is absolutely secure and convenient. Pandemic is one of the most serious challenges facing the tourist industry and requires a more serious, innovative approach to manage it. Often called “the island of bits” for embracing advanced technologies, Jeju is ready to face the challenge with entirely new tools based on blockchain technology.
The private blockchain network will include data with fingerprints of users that are well protected and confidential until the information about COVID-19 is discovered. After it happens, the blockchain system doesn’t keep the data private any longer.
This is a pilot project that is just the beginning of a large program that will expand to more than 50 private companies by the end of summer. The initiative aims to make Jeju Island an example of a safe tourist destination in Korea.

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