Analysis of the most profitable and unprofitable cryptocurrencies of September

  • Investors who chose the right cryptocurrencies were able to make good money in September.
  • Interest in DeFi has helped a number of coins maintain a positive trend.
  • September reveals leaders and outsiders among the most capitalized cryptocurrencies.

4 months have passed since the halving of bitcoin (BTC). Many members of the crypto community believe that during this period, the coin could realize the growth that was laid in it by a decrease in the mining reward. Despite this, after a small positive movement in August, the cryptocurrency again dropped to the level of 10 thousand.

In this connection, it is interesting to see, which digital assets, against the background of the negative dynamics of bitcoin, brought their investors income, and which caused large losses.

If we look at the list of 15 coins, which are the capitalization leaders, we will be able to follow the direction of the trends. Some cryptocurrencies periodically enter the top ten and then leave it. Only the top 3 remains unchanged for a long period of time.

From September 1 to 10, only two cryptocurrencies maintained a positive trend: Binance Coin (+ 6%) and TRON (+ 12%). Assets realized growth amid attempts to enter the DeFi market. So, in early September, the Binance team announced the launch of a new service through which representatives of the crypto community can mine liquidity. The TRON founder, in turn, launched a DeFi coin named after himself.

The following coins had maximum losses since September 1: Polkadot (-29%), Ethereum (-22%), Litecoin (-22%), Cardano (-22%) and Tezos (-22%).

Most cryptocurrencies hit local highs in August. Of these, 5 – in the period from 17 to 19 of the month. For 5 digital assets from the list, the local maximum was recorded in September. The worst price cuts were recorded by Cardano (-36%) and Chainlink (-35%). The minimum losses were incurred by Binance Coin (-1%).

Polkadot token is a newcomer to the top 10 capitalization rating. The cryptocurrency entered the top ten amid denomination.

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