Among the advisors of the INX exchange were bitcoin maximalists. They were criticized

Cypherpunk and CTO at startup Casa Jameson Lopp praised INX’s IPO but was criticized in the community for supporting the project. It turned out that he is an INX advisor and will receive security tokens based on Ethereum. The advisors also included the bitcoin maximalist, an implacable critic of Ethereum and the strategic director of Blockstream, Samson Moe.

Lopp emphasized that his financial motivation is no secret, and that security tokens cannot be compared to regular altcoins that try to compete with bitcoin.

He added that some bitcoin maximalists began to criticize not only inefficient forms of money, but in general any assets other than bitcoin. He himself is not an adherent of this approach.

Bitcoin maximalist Hodlonaut was outraged by Lopp’s tweet and the very fact of his involvement in the Ethereum-based project. He suggested that Lopp would sell his security tokens to retail investors at an inflated price, since the advisors bought them at $0,01 and the IPO price was $0,90.

INX founder Alan Silbert, brother of Grayscale Investments CEO Barry Silbert, pointed out that advisors will not be able to sell their tokens for six months, and top management for two years.

Among the features of the blockchain IPO are mandatory verification (KYC), traceability of ERC-1404 tokens in the Ethereum blockchain, the ability to restore a wallet through a transfer agent in case of loss of a private key.

Former Bitcoin Foundation executive Bruce Fenton said stocks can only be criticized by socialists.
Recall that INX plans to sell 130 million tokens at a price of $0,90.

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