72% of BTC holders will hodl no matter what

Faith is a great thing that is able to overcome all barriers on the way to the goal. Who knows, probably, this is one of the reasons for Bitcoin success. In accordance with the results of a new poll conducted recently in connection with the bullish trend on the market, almost three fourth of all BTC holders who invest in this cryptocurrency state that they are not going to sell their crypto even when BTC falls to zero. The survey was based on the opinions of 22635 people.
A popular Twitter user Plan B came up with the survey that revealed the above-mentioned figures.

There are many interesting opinions below the twit that explain the users’ reasons for hodling even when the price goes down. In the opinion of one user, BTC has become a de facto global reserve that should be used to our advantage.
Similar surveys were previously conducted already many times with the results that were close to it. For instance, gold bug Peter Schiff did the same, and almost 60% of respondents replied that were ready to hodl and take Bitcoin to their graves even if BTC price is very low.

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