SARS-COV-2 Has Stolen 63% Out of Blockchain Investments Amount

Coronavirus economic impact concept image

COVID-19 pandemic has already produced extremely negative impact on blockchain investment sphere worldwide, though, pundits from Global 2000 companies hope that DLT will regain the losses born during the post-pandemic economic environment.

KMPG analytics have drawn up a report that predicts that it is the blockchain sphere that might be able to emerge more rapidly than the world economy on average. They assume that blockchain, despite 63% fall caused by the pandemic, will be one of five branches to gain increasing investments over the next 12 months. This report has been drawn up grounding upon points of view of 900 executives who represented the companies included in Forbes Global 2000 list.

The authors of the report pay attention to the fact that the largest world companies are more enthusiastic about re-investing into high-tech sphere including blockchain since the world pandemic situation starts turning to better.

It has also been discovered that 69% of the pundits surveyed assume that investing in different high-tech sectors will produce greater return than investing in blockchain only because of the synergy effect.

All and all, the low-base effect built up by the pandemic shock is likely to cause a more substantial spur in blockchain and the related areas.

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